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            SiLUXTEK Introduction

            SiLUXTEK is a pioneer in silicon photonics based on large-scale CMOS technology. The founding team includes well-known U.S. venture capitalists, famous researchers PhD's and an excellent technical and marketing team. The Company's goal is to build a world-class, high-end optical chip company with independent intellectual property rights.

            As need for mobile Internet and broadband spreading and popularizing in China, application of silicon photonics technologies, deemed optimistic by all trades, is increasingly becoming a significant direction for industry. Relying on strong R&D competence, unique talents, and technical capabilities of the Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Science in Shanghai, SiLUXTEK has been focusing on the industrialization of silicon photonics technology for a long time. It has a profound accumulation in the entire industry chain, as the most advanced silicon chip supplier in China. Besides, it’s characterized by unique optical chip designs, advanced packaging technologies and processing capabilities as core competency.

            High Speed Optics Products

            Since its establishment, SiLUXTEK focuses on the development, manufacturing and technical support of the 25G/50G/100G/200G/400G high-end optical chip.High speed, miniaturized, low cost and low power optical chips based on silicon photon technology provide a cost-effective optical communication chip for data center, wireless network, data communication, transmission network and other fields.

            Company Culture


            Being the one that enables others to achieve more.